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2 Week Plant-Based Challenge :: My Grocery List + Meal Prep

Ah, the first Monday of a new month! There is nothing better than a clean slate and I look forward to Monday mornings when I can start fresh, especially when it’s at the beginning of a new season. Last week I was just a total fail for me work-wise. As I mentioned in Friday’s post, I was struggling with severe jet-lag most of the week and just couldn’t seem to get myself together. So, in honor of finally feeling like myself again and getting back on track, I wanted to do a challenge with myself to eat super clean for the next two weeks by going 100% plant-based and gluten-free.

Now, as a holistic health coach and all-around label-averse person, I don’t prescribe myself (or my clients for that matter), any specific “diet” because I firmly believe that every body is different and has unique needs. I do, however, eat about 90% plant-based (i.e. animal product-free) most of the time and feel my best both physically and mentally when I stick to primarily fruits, vegetables, and whole grains on a daily basis.

If you saw my post a few weeks ago about how I grocery shop, you will know that we cook a lot at home and also do a great bit of meal planning every weekend to make sure we aren’t buying anything we don’t really need/won’t use. We buy most of our grains + nuts (cashews, quinoa, brown rice, pasta etc.) in the bulk section of the grocery store or on Thrive Market (more to come on this later this week–we are completely obsessed!).

For this week, we really just needed our weekly staples (primarily fruits and vegetables), because we keep a large stock of grains in our pantry at all times, so keep in mind that this grocery list excludes some of the more “hearty” items we often use as the base of our meals (i.e. oatmeal, lentils, rice, quinoa or pasta).

When we get home from the grocery store, typically on Sundays, we spend about an hour or two doing some meal prep for the week. This includes:

1. washing and chopping up all of our greens so that they’re ready to use in salads, smoothies, etc.

2. making a batch of brown rice + quinoa (usually 2 cups of each) to use throughout the week

3. soaking cashews overnight to make fresh cashew milk in the morning

4. organizing our refrigerator to ensure that everything is neatly displayed (put the most perishable items at eye-level so that you use those first!)

I plan on sharing my grocery list for next week as well (it probably won’t look too different than this, to be honest), as well as a diary of everything I eat (& drink) throughout this week in case you are curious in following along.

Scroll down to see what we bought this week!

Grocery List: Week 1

A Few Disclaimers
We do my best to buy 100% organic produce when we can
we typically shop at Mom’s Organic Market here in the DC area (our favorite grocery store)
on average, we spend $150 every week on groceries — $75/person–and eat 75% of our meals at home


fuji apples
frozen mango chunks (for smoothies)
grapes (my favorite sweet snack)
heirloom tomatoes


baby spinach
baby arugula
red + yellow bell peppers
shaved brussels sprouts
rainbow baby carrots
dino + curly kale
sweet potatoes
frozen cauliflower (for smoothies)
red cabbage
fresh basil, mint & cilantro

Dry + Canned Goods

organic hearts of palm (great on salads)
siete tortilla chips + cassava flour tortillas
1 can garbanzo beans
1 can black beans
1 can artichoke hearts (great on salads)


treeline scallion cashew cheese (we are addicted!)

Have you ever tried going entirely plant-based? I’d love to know your thoughts!

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