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Australia Travel Guide // Sydney vol. 2

…continued from Sydney vol. 1 

Sydney is known for being home to one of the world’s most famous beaches: Bondi Beach. It’s a mecca for cute Australian boys, the famous Bondi Icebergs pool, and some of the most innovative plant-based eateries + coffee shops in the city (and the world for that matter). For those reasons, it was our goal to get down to Bondi at least a couple of times to experience the beach-town vibes we’d heard such good things about. After we re-grouped on our second day there, we headed down to Bondi via the metro and then a quick bus (20 minutes total), but right as we got off of the bus it started pouring rain. We weren’t about to turn back and go home so we bought ourselves some umbrellas and decided to drink and eat our way through the town to kill some time. I’m so glad we decided to stay in the area because it turned out to be one of the biggest highlights of our trip.

(trying to pretend the pouring rain wasn’t annoying…)

First, we made a pit stop at Harry’s Coffee Shop for one of their infamous beetroot lattes, which of course I didn’t take a photo of, but you can see on Instagram here (it tasted very similar to a hot chocolate, only this version is super cleansing for the liver + digestive system.)

Then, we walked around downtown Bondi a bit and checked out some of their shops, grocery stores, and stumbled upon this incredible bulk grocery store, Scoop. They don’t carry any fresh produce, but they sell virtually anything else you can find in a conventional grocer, only in bulk version. I am such a big fan of this concept (less waste + super high quality ingredients) and Scoop did it really, really well. Unfortunately I couldn’t bring everything home with me so we settled for a kombucha and iced tea and at this point the rain had stopped so we made a bee-line for the famous Bondi Icebergs from there.

I had heard of the infamous “ocean pools” of Australia and had seen photos of the Bondi Icebergs before our trip, but what I wasn’t prepared for was the volume of ocean pools that speckled the Australian coastlines in virtually every town we visited. Ocean pools are just that: man-made pools that they fill with ocean water and that are open to the public. You pay a small entrance fee for Bondi Icebergs, but most of the other ones we came across were completely free! There were kids taking swimming lessons, athletes practicing their lap times, and people just generally enjoying the outdoor vicinity, even in the crappy weather. To me, this culture of ocean pools is a true testament to the active and outdoorsy lifestyle Australians are so famous for enjoying.

After we stood there for a solid 15 minutes soaking up the view from Icebergs, we decided to head up to a well-known vegan restaurant, The Dandylion, for an early dinner. We got there before the restaurant opened (anyone else love a good 5 o’clock dinner?) so we decided to head to the bar next door for a quick glass of wine.

We had tickets that Thursday night to go see Rich Roll, one of my biggest idols who I have talked about endlessly on my Instagram and previous blog posts, and I was joking over drinks that maybe we would bump into him at the restaurant (he is a famous vegan athlete and plant-based advocate whose podcast channel is my all-time favorite). I knew he was staying near Bondi Beach because he had posted earlier that day on his Instagram, so I was secretly hoping we may cross paths before the event, and I guess what they say about manifestion is true, because about 10 minutes into our dinner at Dandylion, Rich walked right into the restaurant!

The moment I saw him walk by us, I literally yelled “RICH!” as though we were friends and he knew who I was (embarrassing!). I immediately confessed to him that I had been hoping to meet him while we were in town, professed that my husband and I are his biggest fans (but really, we are obsessed with his podcast and talk about it daily) and thanked him for all of the work he does to help people lead healthier lives. He was so kind, super friendly, and we shared in our mutual admiration of Australian culture.

I would be lying if I didn’t say I had a grin from ear to ear the rest of the night and was so glad we trekked through the rain that day to make it to Bondi. I should also mention that the food at Dandylion was incredible. We shared sweet potato fries (with a beet & cashew dip), I had a vegan coconut milk curry, and Amanda had the stuffed mushrooms, all of which were out of this world good.

For dessert, I was determined to get to Anita’s Gelato for some dairy free ice cream (their specialty), and we indulged ourselves in a couple of scoops!

We were so in love with Bondi even through the pouring rain that we knew we would have to make our way back down there later in the week to eat more of the food we had on our lists (of course!).

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