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Best Buys // January ’17

It’s the last day of January…how did that happen?! I’m excited to start a new series here on Planthouse where I share my favorite buys and/or finds of the month. I’m constantly on the search for new products to try, books to read, or goodies I can pick up at the grocery store. Both Blair and I make it a priority to keep our home free and clear of junk and typically follow the “one in, one out” rule, i.e. whenever we bring something home we try and get rid of at least one or two other things. We also do our best to stick to a meal plan throughout the week (would you guys be interested in seeing a post on this?) so that we only buy what we need at the farmers market or grocery store. With that in mind, we put good care into what we buy and make sure that it will a) bring joy into our home and b) serve us in the future i.e. will we use this more than once?. Needless to say, I am very satisfied with the few things we chose to purchase this month!

Ikea Plants | It should come as no surprise that I named my blog Planthouse for a reason. I am obsessed with keeping greens in our home, no matter the season, but sometimes it’s hard to find greens that aren’t insanely expensive. Did you guys know that IKEA sells real, live plants in-store? I had totally forgotten about it until we went to pick up a few things and stumbled upon the best selection of succulents and other indoor plants.

iPhone 7 Case + Extra Adapters | I’m absolutely loving my new iPhone 7 (and the camera quality!), but still can’t wrap my head around why they took away the headphone jack. I’ve forgotten my adapter one too many times at home when I’d really like to plus in my headphones or use my phone at the yoga studio to play music, so I purchased a few extra adapters online and keep one in my car, in my purse and in my desk drawer just in case. I’m also loving my new Sonix case…it’s just so happy and they have so many fun patterns!

Appointed Co. Spiral Notebook |  I’m a freak for good notebooks but have realized over time that I much prefer spiralized over bound. I picked up this Appointed Co. notebook at the beginning of the year and am a huge fan. Plus, they’re a local DC company!

Chasing Slow | I didn’t make many resolutions this year, but rather am focusing on slowing down and taking more time to do the things I love without feeling urgency, and this book is totally speaking to me. Erin Loechner writes about the importance of cultivating gratitude, finding purpose, and moving through life at a slower pace than culture wants us to. If this sounds enticing, I can’t encourage you enough to pick it up here.

Barely Bread | A lot of people asked me to review this grain-free bread when I posted about it on my insta-stories a few weeks ago, and oh my gosh it is so good. I don’t prescribe myself to a single diet or dogmatic approach to what I eat, but I do feel so much better when I eat as few grains as possible (i.e. wheat, rice, quinoa, etc.)  I’ve tried a ton of brands to try and find the best vehicles for my beloved avocado toast or a sandwich and this is by far the most delicious. You can buy it through their online store.

Clean Cakes | One of my daily struggles in life is getting to that inevitable sweet tooth craving and not having many options when it comes to sugar-minimal desserts. I’m determined to think ahead more often and start making more raw cakes, vegan ice creams (sharing one later this week!) and baked goods that don’t spike my glycemic index off the charts. This book has so many incredible suggestions I can’t wait to try.

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