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Clean Routine: Deodorant 101

When I was growing up, my parents nearly banned deodorant in our house. I know that may sound insane, but let me explain. When I was little, like still in elementary school little, my dad got incredibly sick. Though my memory is foggy, I distinctly remember him violently ill, curled up in a tiny ball in agonizing pain, wondering how his body could possibly be turning on him at such a young age after consciously choosing to take good care of himself his entire life.

This episode of illness was diagnosed by conventional MDs as Ulcerative Colitis and, in so many words, meant that he had gaping holes throughout his intestines making it impossible for food to be properly digested. As he lay in his hospital bed mere hours away from a major surgery that would change his life forever, my mom tracked down what was known then as an “alternative” doctor who begged him to choose another way to heal himself. Long story short, my parents chose the latter, more risky, option of healing and it changed our family forever.

My dad was a commercial tuna fisherman for much of his young career and, as a result, was exposed to high levels of heavy metals like mercury. Over time, the mercury weighed heavily on his system and eventually caused this poisoning of his internal organs. After his new doctor took a deeper look at the root of the issue, he put him through intense detoxification practices and re-mineralization routines to help his body achieve homeostasis once again. Keep in mind this was all happening over 10 years ago and the “eat organic, be mindful of what you put on your skin, get rid of food additives” movement was still considered to be the mindset of hippies.

The good news behind this story is that my dad’s body healed itself over time and resulted in a ginormous mindset and lifestyle shift for all five of us. We immediately started paying more attention to the food in the house and, more specifically, what other factors in our environment played a role in our health and wellbeing. This is where the no deodorant rule came in to play. Conventional antiperspirants and deodorants are filled with aluminum, an incredibly powerful heavy metal considered to be a neurotoxin. Neurotoxins like aluminum have been linked to diseases such as breast cancer, alzheimers, and bone disorders such as osteoporosis to name a few.

Needless to say, I have tried many ‘organic’ and ‘clean’ deodorants in my day and, to be honest, hadn’t really loved any of them enough to make them a staple in my routine until I discovered Erbaviva a couple of years ago. This deodorant is the best of the best and it should be noted here that I spend most of my days teaching or taking class in hot yoga studios so I am constantly battling sweat.

Erbaviva is a certified organic brand out of California that prides itself on being cruelty free (no animal testing), paraben free and sulfate free. I admit I haven’t tried any of their products aside from the deodorant but if their line is anywhere as good as this stuff, I can attest to it being top of the line. This deodorant is simple: pure organic essential oils in organic grain alcohol. The alcohol kills the smell, the essential oils make you smell divine. Go and get yourself some of this goodness!

You can find it here in their two scents: Lemon Sage + Jasmine Grapefruit

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