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Crazy for Colostrum

link to my favorite brand here: Mattole Valley Colostrum

As if coming back from a long holiday vacation couldn’t be any more of a struggle, I spent the first few days back from Kauai recovering from my first cold in over a year. As one who genuinely dislikes going to the doctor unless absolutely necessary, my first line of defense whenever I feel any sort of sickness coming on is my pantry. After I vow to cut out anything that could compromise my immune system even more (i.e. sugar, alcohol, refined carbohydrates, etc.) I do my best to act quickly against whatever symptoms I’m having.

One of my newest go-to’s for immune support is colostrum, or as they call it, Mother’s Nature’s “first food”. Colostrum is the very first form of milk produced by any mammal (human, cow, sheep, etc.) right around the time of birth and it is intended to give the newborn all of the proteins, immune support, amino acids and minerals it needs to thrive.

According to Mattole Valley Naturals, some other benefits of colostrum are:

broad spectrum, whole foods probiotics
natural immune and growth factors
anti-aging and adaptogenic properties

Because of all of the incredible bio-available nutrients that colostrum contains, it is seen as one of the best defense systems whenever your immunity is compromised. In fact, I read that before antibiotics were invented, doctors used to prescribe colostrum to sick patients to help fight off bacterial infections and viruses. Of course, you want to be careful about the quality of colostrum you purchase as there are quite a few brands that contain synthetic colostrum — the best type should be hormone and antibiotic free from grass-fed pastured cows and I have linked my favorite brand above.

My favorite way to add colostrum to my diet is to blend it into morning smoothie or stir it into my coffee. It has a creamy taste (remember, it is derived from milk) so it is nothing to be afraid of! Needless to say, my cold quickly went away after I added colostrum into my routine and I can’t say enough good things about it whether you’re sick or just trying to avoid getting sick. ‘Tis the season after all!

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