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Friday Favorites // vol. 5

Whoa this week went by quickly! To be honest, my suitcase from Florida sat untouched in our entryway for 4 whole days before I finally got around to unpacking and feeling like I was somewhat back into the groove. Nevertheless, Friday is already here and I am embracing it!

We’re spending the weekend getting some projects done around the house (i.e. cleaning out some closets and making a trip to goodwill!) and hopefully heading to a new restaurant out in Virginia I’ve had my eye on.  I’m also hoping to make it to Appointed’s Sample Sale this Saturday (if you live in DC you should go!) because I just can’t get enough of their paper products. I have a lot of fun content planned for the next few weeks and am excited about sharing more recipes, travel plans and other fun stuff come Monday, but for now these are a few of the things on my radar this week.

Join Me | I just purchased my ticket for The Good Fest in Philly on April 22. It’s a one-day conference focused on all things wellness and I’m pumped….who wants to join me? SO many good speakers and guests are going to be there!

This Is Us | Hands down one of the best shows on television right now. I experience so many emotions and feel all the feels with every new episode. Do yourself a favor and watch!

The Retreat at Veritas | We are so lucky to live just a couple of hours from Charlottesville (the heart of Virginia wine country) and have stayed at the uber-charming Veritas Farmhouse twice now. They just announced a new lineup of wellness + wine retreats for the coming year and I’m super tempted to sign myself up.

The Essentials | This article has me inspired to write a post for you guys about essential oils and how I use them at home, in the kitchen, etc. I’ve never tried Blue Lotus but I think I’m going to pick some up the next time I head to Whole Foods to test out it’s benefits.

Seeing Hearts | Anthropologie has really stepped up their game in the athleisure department and I am putting this crop top and these sneakers on my wish list!

p.s. do you follow me on Facebook? Alongside my regular content here on the blog, I’ll be posting little things like cooking tips (ex: how to roast the sweet potatoes pictured above), articles I’m reading, etc. and would love for you to follow along!

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