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Friday Favorites vol. 7

How is it already the last day of March?! I can’t believe how quickly this month as flown by, though I attribute most of it to the fact that I was only in DC for two and a half weeks of it and the time I have been at home has been spent either trying to prepare for travel or trying to recover from travel. On that note, even though I got back home last Saturday night, I can’t seem to shake my severe case of jet lag and have been struggling to keep up with life this week, hence the major radio silence over here.

On Monday evening, we left the house a little earlier than rush hour to bike down to the monuments and get a glimpse of the cherry blossoms at peak bloom. We were lucky enough to escape the massive crowds that typically gather on the weekends and loved playing tourist for the afternoon. Note to self: get your butt down to the National Mall more often! This city is so beautiful, especially during the Spring season.

I’m spending the weekend teaching a lot of yoga classes and sitting here at my desk going through my photos (over 2,00o of them! eek!) from Australia so that I can finally share my trip here on the blog next week — get ready! In the meantime, I wanted to share some of the things I’ve been loving.

Madewell :: I am in love with everything Madewell makes, but am partial to their leather goods and denim. I recently picked up these overalls and these boyfriend pants, both of which are insanely comfortable and versatile. If you love Madewell as much as I do, they’re having a sale this weekend (through Sunday) up to 30% off of your purchase, using the code ‘NOTKIDDING’

From The Heart :: One of the most well known yoga “celebrities”,  Rachel Brathen of Yoga Girl, just launched her podcast channel this morning and I’m so excited! She is so down to earth, approachable, and just gave birth to the cutest little girl, Lea Luna. She is sharing her birth story today (I always find these so fascinating) and I can’t wait to listen.

Backyard Season :: We renovated our entire backyard last summer and by the time it was complete, we only had a month or so of warm weather to fully enjoy it, so I am looking forward to having this entire Spring and Summer to have dinner and lounge outside. I’m thinking of replacing our dining table with a couch and some chairs to cozy it up a bit (we can eat on our laps, right?), but I’ve also been obsessing over the idea of a rattan swing chair like this one to read in. Dreamy, right?

Positivity + Longevity :: I find it shocking that anyone even questions how a positive outlook can help your health, but I was so excited to see that there is now legitimate science behind it. I loved this article on The Huffington Post that had so many simple yet impactful tips on staying positive, especially during challenging situations.

The Perfect Crunch :: I posted about this in my Instagram story a couple of days ago, but I am completely obsessed with this activated buckwheat “granola”. It just has two ingredients, sprouted buckwheat and flax seeds, zero sugar or oils, and adds the best crunch to my morning smoothies and smoothie bowls. I’m attempting to make a low sugar granola out of it today or tomorrow (this was all over the place in Australia but I can’t find a good alternative at my local store), so we will see how it turns out. Buckwheat is super high in magnesium (you can read about my obsession with the mineral here), fiber, and protein!

Office Dreams :: Wallpaper is having a total moment, and this office reveal was almost too much for me to handle. Everything about Lark & Linen’s work is swoonworthy, but this makeover was by far my favorite.

In Case You Missed It :: I posted the recipe for the most delicious raw cake I made a few weeks ago. If you have some free time this weekend, make it for yourself and keep it in the freezer so you can enjoy it all week long!

I’m so excited to share my photos and adventures (and food stories, duh!) from Australia in the coming week(s), but in the meantime have a restful weekend. We’ll be venturing to a new spot for dinner tonight for what is said to be “legit” Mexican food and margaritas and then savoring these last couple of days of chilly weather before spring kicks into high gear next week!

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