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Good, Clean Food // A Pineapple DC Event Recap

in my bowl: greens, roasted sweet potato, avocado, cucumber, chickpeas, hummus, sprouts, Hex Ferments kraut and edible flours (not pictured: the most amazing turmeric dressing from Lily’s cookbook)

If you are a girl and live in the DC area, chances are that you have probably heard of Pineapple DC by now. Pineapple was started a little over a year ago by a few of my friends (hey guys!) who simply wanted to connect women in DC who work with food in all sorts of ways (i.e. restauranteurs, food policy, food bloggers, food business owners etc.) and it has expanded into an incredible community of like-minded women who want a better food world both in and out of our city.

Most people don’t know this about me but I am a total food policy and politics nerd. In college, I majored in something called Medicine, Health and Society (you can check the program out here, it is amazing) and took classes on things like The History of Medicine, The Sociology of Food, Food Politics….the list could go on and on. In fact, I kept nearly all of my textbooks from school and if you were to look at the bookshelf in my living room, you would think I am some sort of food scholar (I am not..). Needless to say, I love everything about Pineapple’s mission and have met so many wonderful people through the community.

got to try Health Ade’s new flavor, Maca Berry, and it is most definitely my new favorite!

Pineapple puts on a variety of amazing events on a recurring basis (you can check them out here) and I was so excited to attend their event with Lily Kunin of Clean Food, Dirty City last week. Lily just came out with her first cookbook centered around plant-based eating and was here in DC to celebrate the launch! We started out the evening making our own dinner bowls (mine is pictured above) with a wide array of ingredients like roasted veggies, greens, krauts, edible flowers from Little Wild Things Farm, and incredible dressings out of Lily’s book.

my bowl + kara’s bowl

After we all made (& photographed) our bowls, Lily sat down for a Q&A discussion around plant-based eating, the importance of getting into the kitchen, and how we can cultivate a better food system for ourselves and our cities. There were a few takeaways that really stood out to me from that discussion that I wanted to share both for my own memory and also because I believe them to be so incredibly true:

1. Cooking at home is so important! not only is it cost effective, but it’s just not that hard if you keep it simple!

2. Everything tastes better out of a bowl (duh!)

3. Food is a beautiful way to bring people together and share experiences with friends, family, and peers.

4. There are so many types meals that one can make, but knowing what to cook based on how you feel is a powerful tool we can all benefit from. Lily’s book is organized based on what you want to get out of your meal and stresses the importance of intuitive eating. For example, if you’re feeling tired there is an entire section of “awakening” foods you can make or if you’re feeling under the weather there is an immune-boosting section as well.

Mary of Little Wild Things Farm, Atara, and Lily during the Q&A

It was so much fun to spend the evening listening to Lily speak about her inspirations for the book while also sharing in a delicious meal with my friends (new and old). I’ve been devouring the pages of her book for the last week and am absolutely adding it to my ever-growing list of favorite plant-based cookbooks because it keeps things super simple and approachable.

Be sure to follow Pineapple for more fun events if you live in DC or in general because their feed is beautiful, and check out Lily’s cookbook!

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