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Holidays in Hawaii!

I am so happy to finally be settled in Kauai after nearly 24 hours of travel here on Friday. This was my first time flying direct from DC to Honolulu (11 hours!) and unfortunately I missed my second flight to Kauai by about 10 minutes, so by the time I got onto the island I was absolutely done for but it is well worth it. My family has been visiting Kauai at Christmas for decades and it is truly home away from home for us and a tradition that I refuse to miss. This is the longest time the husband and I have been away from each other (he is coming here 10 days after me) so as much as I want time to slow down here I also secretly want it to speed up so I can hang in paradise with him.

We celebrated with a sunset cocktail cruise on Saturday night (it also happened to me my parents’ 33rd wedding anniversary) and had a blast!

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