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I Love You, Vegetable & Butcher.

If you haven’t figured out by now, I am completely in love with DC-based meal delivery service, Vegetable& Butcher. I’ve posted about them all over my Instagram and if you follow my Instagram ‘stories,’ you know that I’m not lying when I say I eat this nearly every day for lunch during the work week. I have to admit, as someone who takes great pride in cooking simple, healthful meals for myself, it was hard for me to fully accept that I just don’t have time to make myself breakfast, lunch, and dinner every single day. Even though I work mainly from home, taking even 15-30 minutes out of the day to took and prepare lunch for myself can sometimes just get exhausting and mess up my work flow.

I don’t even remember how I first heard about Vegetable & Butcher (probably through social media!), but I do know that I sent Turner (one of the founders) an email the moment I realized they didn’t deliver to my neighborhood and pleaded him to make an exception for my zip code. Luckily, they were more than happy to “test” out my neighborhood (yay, Georgetown!), and have since expanded throughout the city.

What I love so much about Vegetable and Butcher is that, unlike every other meal delivery service I’ve tried, the food is actually good. It tastes delicious, the quality is excellent, the packaging is beautiful, the portion sizes are perfect…I could go on and on. Mainly, though, V&B is just plain convenient. I get deliveries every Monday and Wednesday, can easily put my account on hold when I go out of town, and the variety is just so much better than what I can make for myself in a given week. I also love that they have both meat and no-meat options (we get 4 butcher’s dinners and 4 butcher’s lunches per week) and also have breakfast available (we haven’t tried this yet but they look sooooo delicious). Bonus: all of their meals are entirely gluten-free!

Have I convinced you to try it yet? If you use my code (KatieHeartsV+B), you can get 15% off of your first order! Seriously though, give it a try and tell me it is not the best little luxury you’ve treated yourself to in a while.





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