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Happy Wednesday, friends! I’m here with a quick post about some of my favorite tv shows/documentaries and podcast episodes I’ve loved listening to and watching lately. I’m always looking for new ideas, too, if you have any other movies/shows/podacasts/etc. that you can recommend…please share in the comments below!


Please tell me you watch Chef’s Table! I’ve been dying for the newest season to come out and am unashamed to admit that I ended up watching every new episode over the course of two days because it is like food photography porn. My favorite episode was by far the one with Jeong Kwan in South Korea. Do yourself a favor and watch at least this episode — it totally blew my mind!

We stumbled upon the new Tony Robbins “I Am Not Your Guru” documentary while looking for something to do on a rainy night in and to my surprise I ended up loving it. Tony Robbins is an incredible best-selling author and speaker on radical personal change and self help and this documentary follows his annual week-long conference he hosts every December. It was truly fascinating and I’m so curious to start listening to his new podcast channel as well.


My love for podcasts runs deep and last month I think I listened to a record amount of podcast episodes between traveling, walking to and from the yoga studio, and doing a lot of driving. If you’re curious to know about a few of my favorite channels, you can head to this post I wrote a while back, but I wanted to share a few episodes in particular that really grabbed my attention.

Rich Roll Podcast :: Mark Allen on the Spirituality of Peak Performance 

I am no performance athlete, but I loved this interview with one of the world’s greatest athletes on the importance of spirituality, sleep, and self care. Worth a listen!

The Balanced Blonde Podcast :: Instagram Do’s & Don’ts with Rachel Mansfield 

Two of my very favorite bloggers come together to chat about using Instagram as a platform for their food + wellness blogs. I just loved hearing both of them chat (they’re good friends in real life) and talk about their day-to-day social media struggles. I also love this podcast channel in general and highly recommend subscribing if you don’t already! You can also follow Jordan here and Rachel here.

Rich Roll Podcast :: The November Project

I’ve heard so many good things about The November Project here in DC (you can see if your city has a local chapter by heading to their website) and loved listening to it’s founder, Brogan Graham, talk about his vision and the community he has built all over the world through this super unique fitness movement. Anyone want to go with me sometime here in DC?!

We are celebrating Blair’s birthday tonight (it’s actually on Friday) with some sushi at our favorite neighborhood spot before he leaves for a work trip to LA tomorrow morning! Off to make his birthday cake and hopefully will be back to share the recipe if it turns out well.

Have a great hump day and thank you for stopping by!

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