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Snacking On-The-Go // Superfood Trail Mix feat. Amazi Plantain Chips

The first couple of days of my two-week plant-based challenge came and went pretty quickly and easily, and so far I’m feeling great, but the hardest part for me when eating plant-based is always how to snack and eat well when I’m not at home all day to cook for myself. I am super fortunate to spend most of my days having complete control of my schedule, but I also run around to and from the yoga studio nearly every single day which can often times lead to not enough time to make a proper meal and/or tend to my blood sugar levels all day long.

When I meal prep (usually on Sunday Nights) for the week ahead, I like to make a big batch of trail mix to keep in my car, my purse, for my husband to take to work, and for our kitchen counter. It’s the easiest way to stave off the itch to grab a bowl of cereal or head for the chocolate drawer when I’m at home and also the easiest snack for just about any on-the-go situation.

I like to keep an array of raw nuts in my pantry (see: Thrive Market) at all times, and it’s fun to come up with different blends, but this one has been my go-to for the last two months and also saved me on my incredibly long travel days to and from Australia (airport food is not my friend).

My friend Renee recently started a brand of plantain chips (more about her soon!) called Amazi and they are SO. GOOD. I could eat an entire bag in under five minutes, but in the sake of savoring their goodness, I’ve been adding them to my trail mix to ration them out a bit and they add the perfect unexpected crunch.

Superfood Plantain Chip Trail Mix:

1 cup coconut oil amazi chips (the whole bag)
1 cup almonds
½ cup salted macadamia nuts
½ cup goji berries
½ cup coconut chips
½ cup mulberries

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