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Travel Days :: How I Stay Healthy On The Go

Lucky for me, I get the opportunity to travel often. It comes with the territory of marrying someone whose parents split time between Bermuda and Florida, my parents living in California but also spending a lot of time in Hawaii, and having friends all over the states! Over time, I’ve figured out what works and what really doesn’t work when it comes to my own personal wellness-oriented travel necessities, and I wanted to share some of them with you in case you’re curious or looking for some inspiration for the next time you travel.

1. Bring Your Own Water Bottle 

There is nothing I hate more than spending $6 on a bottle of water in the airport, and I’ve found that nearly every airport I’ve been to lately has refillable filtered water stations in every terminal. I love my S’Well bottle so much and make sure to bring it with me wherever I go. If you can’t find a water station, I’ve found that if you ask nicely, the baristas at Starbucks are happy to fill up your water bottle for you, too! Hydration is so important when you fly because being up in altitude is super dehydrating, but even when you get to your destination, it’s nice to have your own water bottle on hand just in case!

2. Pack Healthy Snacks 

Before we head out of town, I always spend a bit of time packing up some TSA-friendly snacks to carry with me just in case the airport’s options are terrible (more often than not). A few of my favorite snacks to bring are:

sliced veggies (baby carrots, cucumber, bell pepper)
sliced apples
trail mix (you can see my favorite blend here)
dark chocolate (I’m obsessed with Zenbunni)

3. Bring The Essential Supplements

I can’t live without my staple supplements when I travel (I take more supplements at home, but try not to stress about those while I’m on vacation) and instead focus on these:

1. Magnesium (so helpful for stress management and sleep) — it comes in a travel size now, too!
2. Digestive Enzymes (help with digestion, especially when out to eat — I take one before every meal and keep them in my bag at all times just in case)
3. Probiotics (great for the immune system and gut health)

4. Skip the Beverage Cart 

I know that a lot of people “treat” themselves to juices and sodas while traveling, but I like to pack my own beverages instead and ask the stewardess for a cup of hot water instead of something off of the beverage cart. It feels like a little luxury to bring out my bag of teas and “hot chocolate” mixes that I know are a much better choice than the sugary drinks mid-flight. My favorites to bring with me are:

Four Sigmatic Hot Cacao Mix
Four Sigmatic Instant Coffee
Everyday Detox Tea
Roasted Dandelion Root Tea (great for digestion and relieves bloat)

5. Move! 

There is nothing worse than sitting for hours on end during a long travel day, so I make a conscious effort to wear comfortable “athleisure” when I fly. I recently found out that BWI (the airport we often fly out of) has a new gym inside the airport called ROAM Fitness. It is a full-service gym complete with cardio equipment, free weights, a stretching/yoga space and showers! I always make sure to get to the airport with plenty of time just in case the security line is extra long, but then there is that awkward period of time where I just end up sitting near my gate waiting to sit some more. For this trip to San Diego, I even brought my own yoga mats in my carry-on so it was easy to roll out my mat, do some light stretching in what I was already wearing, and then head to my gate when it was time to board.

The best part about ROAM, in my opinion, is that they also rent Lululemon clothing (score!) and tennis shoes to use in case you forgot yours in your carry on! They really make it easy to have zero excuses when it comes to using your time at the airport wisely.

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