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I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach specializing in balanced lifestyle solutions. After graduating from Vanderbilt University with a bachelor’s degree in Medicine, Health, and Society, I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to obtain my health coaching certification. Using a combination of coaching skills and nutrition education, I work with my clients to help them find balance in all aspects of life: diet, exercise, relationships, work-life balance and stress management.

The Planthouse Wellness Program is designed to provide both education and conversation surrounding your personal wellness journey, and I serve as a guide and coach through that transition into a more balanced, healthy version of yourself.

Think of your health coach as a personal trainer for your well-being. We will work together as a team to identify your personal goals and create a custom designed roadmap to your success. The program’s goals are safe and achievable and even the smallest of changes can have a significant and positive impact on your health. I will help you reach your goals by making gradual, healthy, and reasonable changes in your eating habits, stress management, and physical activity.

During The Program, You Can Expect to Learn

Healthy lifestyle tips so you can wake up feeling inspired and happy
What foods help you feel more energized throughout the day
Recipes to make your skin glow
Tips to satisfy your food cravings
Healthy snacks to keep on-hand so that you always feel prepared


Hourly Coaching Sessions
 A super focused session on a topic of your choice. Great for addressing specific questions for those seeking support around minor diet and lifestyle tweaks and adjustments, or honing in on one topic of focus.

Grocery Store Tour & Meal Planning
First, we will meet to discuss the basics to meal planning and meal prepping. Together we will prepare a list of what a weekly grocery list and meal plan might look like, and then Wwe will take a thorough tour of your favorite grocery store to learn healthy tips, quick snack ideas, and ways to make your existing shopping habits healthier and more affordable based off of that list. You will go home with tips and tricks to meal prep for the week ahead so that you are ready and prepared whenever it’s time for your next meal.

Kitchen Cleanout & Makeover
A functional kitchen is the foundation for preparing great meals. I”ll take a deep dive into your pantry and refrigerator to clean out the junk and make your kitchen a space of inspiration and simplicity. Cost does not include any and all materials you may want or need to reorganize pantry (jars, cabinet organizers, etc.)


1 Month Program (4 Sessions)
Weekly 1 Hour Sessions with Katie (either in-person or via phone/skype)
Unlimited email support between sessions
Recipes that are healthy and simple to prepare
Simple but informative activities and articles that will increase your knowledge about nutrition, stress management, and healthy habits
A binder filled with education materials, resources, and notes
(ex: grocery shopping lists, meal planning sheets, food diary, etc.)

3 Month Program (12 Sessions)
1 Month program
+ Grocery Store Tour & Meal Prep Session included

6 Month Program (24 Sessions)
3 Month program
+ Kitchen Cleanout & Makeover included

Interested in working with me? Have questions or want to schedule a free consultation?

Email me: katie@planthousewellness.com